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Hello busy mama! Have you spent YEARS giving everything to your family, but never quite taking time for youself? It took me a long time to realize what a mistake that is because when our buckets are empty, it's nearly impossible to be a good mom (and it sucks the joy right out of life!) 

I'm Jen Riday, Women's Happiness Expert and a mom of 6. I was a stay-at-home mom for nearly a decade before I hit rock bottom after giving and giving and giving. I felt empty. I felt sad. I got annoyed and frustrated with my kids too easily. I knew something had to change. I just couldn't live as a "zombie mom" anymore. So I embarked on a journey of self care, doing more things that made me happy, like yoga, girls' night out, bookclub, quiet walks in nature....

And guess what? The world didn't implode. My house didn't fall down. In fact, my spouse started doing more at home, freeing up even MORE TIME for me to do the things I love. I'm so glad you're joining me on this journey of self care. The Self Care Toolkit will take you about 45 minutes from start to finish and you'll see results IMMEDIATELY, TODAY. You can finally start to let go of guilt, perfectionism and the "shoulds" that have prevented you from enjoying the free time you crave (and deserve!). Enjoy!

A welcome video from me...

Video Training: "5 Game-Changing Mindset Shifts To Make it Easier to Do More of What You Love (Without Guilt)"


Print out this workbook and answer some important questions to help you let go of guilt and the "shoulds" (you can also write your answers in a journal). You'll discover what energizes you and what drains you, learn how to establish stronger boundaries, set up a strong network of friends you love to be around, and more! 

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Wheel of Happiness

The Wheel of Happiness will help you begin to think about all the opportunities to start doing more of what you love. Pick 1 thing and focus on it for the next week or even month. Perhaps you're going to drink more water or take a walk every day. Just make sure you choose something that feels AMAZING. No guilt!

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Guided Meditations for Busy Moms

I've created 2 guided meditations just for YOU. Schedule 10 minutes alone, pick one of these meditations, press play, and sink into a state of bliss and relaxation. You deserve it!

Click to listen, or right click and select "save link as" to save the meditations to your computer.

You Are Loved Meditation

Busy Mom Meditation

Vibrant Happy Women on Facebook

If you'd like some friendship and support on your journey to take more time for YOU, join me and lots of other positive women in the free Vibrant Happy Women Facebook Group.  

Free Time Management Workshop

If you don't have time for self care (or anything else for that matter!), join me for my upcoming live online workshop. Click the button below to learn more.